2003 TRINITY BIBLE COLLEGE LIONS FOOTBALL (0-9 final record, 0-8 conference)

Making the big leap this year from the NAIA and NCCAA to NCAA Division III opponents!

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Final Score
Game Notes
Sept. 6
at Rockford College*
Rockford throws 2 passes, sets Div. III scoring record.
Sept. 13
Haskell Indians Nation Univ.
TBC fields less than 20 healthy players.
Sept. 20
Westminster (MO)*
Lions improve on 2002's 81-12 loss.
Sept. 27
Crown College* (Homecoming!)
20-0 at half, gave up 34 in 3rd. Total of 345 penalty yards.
Oct. 4
at Maranatha Baptist Bible Coll.*
Lions give performance of year vs. D-3's 2nd worst team.
Oct. 11
at Northwestern Coll. (MN)*
See below the schedule for a review of this game.
Oct. 18
Univ. of Minnesota-Morris*
TBC scores 6 points, doubles year's offensive production.
Oct. 25
at Martin Luther College*
Complete 6 passes, throw 6 INTs. Only field 16 players.
Oct. 31
UMAC Dome Day** vs. Principia*
Last place team in the South drills TBC.

* -- Conference game.
**--UMAC Dome Day link is a PDF file (148 KB).

*--Trinity Bible College vs. Northwestern (MN) Game Notes -- A one-liner simply cannot do this game justice. The game was broadcast over the Internet at WVOE, the college radio station at Northwestern. During the pre-game show, it was announced that Trinity would start a new quarterback, #8, A. Haugenburg. A. is a freshman who joined the team during the week before the game. Further shaking up their lineup, TBC moved one of the wide receivers to center.

Mr. Haugenberg promptly went 5 for 18 for 29 yards, throwing 3 interceptions and losing fumbles twice. His replacement, R. Causey, went 4 for 12 for 39 yards with no interceptions, although he did manage to lose another fumble.

TBC trailed 36-0 after the first quarter before finally yielding 50-0. The Lions accumulated 46 total yards of offense, 68 of which were through the air (and -22 of which were on the ground). In addition, they punted 8 times for an incredible average of 20.8 yards per punt. In total, the game was witness to 11 fumbles and 17 penalties. Our hats are off to Trinity Bible College for this astounding performance, as well as to WVOE for broadcasting the game for the entire world to hear.