2004 TRINITY BIBLE COLLEGE LIONS FOOTBALL (0-10 final record, 0-9 conference)
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Date Opponent Final Score Game Notes
Sept. 4 Haskell Indian Nations Univ. 57-0 Link goes to a news video of the Fightin' Indians victory.
Sept. 11 Principia College* 12-7 Principia wins despite fielding only 16 players.
Sept. 18 at Blackburn College* 35-0 Second decent defensive game in a row; is Trinity improving?
Sept. 25 at Univ. of Minnesota-Morris* 79-6 Lions move ball through air, but yield 462 yards on the ground.
Oct. 2 at Crown College* 74-20 Crown picks up 67 through 3, then slow down in the 4th.
Oct. 9 Northwestern (MN) Coll.* 41-0 Special thanks once again to WVOE for the Internet broadcast.
Oct. 16 Rockford Coll.* 77-12 TBC loses, but has game highlight in 4th: a 79-yard TD pass.
Oct. 23 Martin Luther Coll.* 55-0 Teams somehow combine 9 punts for a net of -2.4 yards. 
Oct. 29 UMAC Dome Day** vs. Principia* 46-22 If only Trinity had scored those 22 points in the first game.
Nov. 6 Maranatha Baptist Bible Coll.* 58-0 Crusaders close out TBC's season with 41 first-half points.

* -- Conference game.
**--UMAC Dome Day link is a PDF file (100 KB).

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