Messenger College doesn't have an athletics page.  In fact, I had to use this nickname list just to find out they're the Eagles.  Despite their independent status, lack of website, and partial schedule, the Eagles earned their way into the CPOC.  The way even the most obscure opponents destroyed them was too much to ignore.

As far as I know, this schedule is complete.  Frankly, before creating this I'd never even heard of Messenger.  In fact, I'd only heard of one of their opponents.  I don't even have an idea of what other colleges to check as possible Eagle opponents.

Date Opponent Final Score Game Notes
Nov. 10 at Rhema Bible College 107-28 Rhema finished the year with 20 losses.
Nov. 17 Calvary Bible College 88-49  
Dec. 2 at Calvary Bible College 99-39 Calvary's two wins over the Eagles contributed to their nice 5-1 run.
Dec. 15 at William Jewell College 113-28 You have to feel awful for the backups who barely got to play.
Dec. 16 vs. Park University
(at William Jewell College)
90-18 Seriously, why play someone for one minute in 70 point blowouts?
Jan. 6 Central Baptist College 113-35  
Jan. 18 at Cent. Chr. Coll. of the Bible 76-37 Peter Wolfe's ratings placed CCCB #1473 out of 1505 colleges.
Jan. 20 Crowley's Ridge College 94-31 Meanwhile, the Pioneers were rated #1426.
Feb. 5 Central Chr. Coll. of the Bible 68-41 This was the only win in a tough 10-game stretch for CCCB.
Feb. 15 Hillsdale Free Will College 107-41 Hillsdale closes out a 5-game win streak with a win over Messenger.
Feb. 16 at Crowley's Ridge Coll. 115-60  
Feb. 22 Oakland City University 125-49 Nice of a NCAA D-II school to pay a visit.
Feb. 24 at Central Baptist College 112-42 Central Baptist finished the year 10-22.

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