Warren Wilson: Home of the Fightin' Owls!

Agnes Scott College vs. Warren Wilson College
A general account of a January road trip into Dante's Sixth Circle.

And if you're expecting fancy formatting, then come on, because maybe eight people will read this.

Sadly, the lighting in Warren Wilson's gym was beyond awful. Coupled with a cheap disposable camera and an old dying scanner, picture quality was guaranteed to be horrible. I compressed them as much as I could, because really, who cares about a grainy pic of a lousy women's basketball game? Images can be clicked to reveal a full-size (and grainier!) copy for your very own enjoyment. To the photos:

I pulled in and couldn't help but admire Warren Wilson's gym. Constructed in 1627 by the Cherokee Indians, the gym employed many state-of-the-art features such as "stairs" and "doors." Mind you, there weren't any restrooms in sight, but those are mere details. Today, the gym may or may not double as the city's armory.

Game hosted at the Asheville Co-op.

Walking into the gym (after actually walking *around* the gym, looking for an entrance...), I noticed there was no crowd noise to be heard. Fortunately, there was one one lost lonely girl in there, so I hit on her asked her where the basketball court was. She directed me downstairs, where I got in for free (!), and after surveying the crowd, I figured out why...

She read that book the entire game. Obviously it's quieter than the library.

That's the entire crowd. I was appalled only 28 would attend this for free! Well, 29...

Game attended by 27 fans, one dog, and a camera-wielding jackass.

See the lady on the left? She bought her poodle to the game. God as my witness, I am not kidding. I would've taken her (the dog's) picture, but it seemed antsy. Actually, in retrospect, a dog running around the court would've ruled. Crud.

I swear it's the coach! No, really!

The vaguely human-shaped blob circled on the right is Agnes Scott's mighty coach, Laura Vanderbeck. I'm sure she's remembering the good old days all of three years ago, when her 7th grade team drew 75 people and weren't losing by 106.

Smile, dude! You're on a web page with 6 hits!

As seen here, the Scotties trailed 27-17 late in the first. They fought back valiantly before losing 54-50.

SuperGirl watches as the Owls and Scotties plot furtively.

The girl in the red, white, and blue...thing...cheered rabidly everytime Warren Wilson did something good. Luckily, the game was so bad she didn't get to cheer much. She was also the only person in the gym who even tried to cheer.

The ref prepares for free throws, as soon as he remembers how many. #15, Jane Bigham, guards the post. Go Jane!

I have to give the refs credit for being one of the best parts of the game. The left one was a chubby bald guy who was terrific. The highlight was his proclamation of "One freethrow! One and two! Two freethrows! Two, ladies!" I think the girl wound up shooting two. The lady on the right was even better. One of the fans actually had the gall to heckle her for a bad (actually good) call, so she told them to bite her. They were actually very good, and deserved better than working Agnes Freaking Scott and Warren Freaking Wilson for less than 30 people.

Kati Zoino's free throw, 16 feet high and rising.

The absolute highlight, though, was #22 for Agnes Scott, Kati Zoino. She had the gall to put up free throws almost twice as high as the basket, and actually make one shooting like that. See the ball (circled in red) in the picture? The thing went up for another half-second before coming down, and it's already over the rim.

I'm wide open and can't imagine why! Pass!

Late in the game, Agnes Scott resorted to fouling, so WWC tried to press the ball upcourt. This girl managed to trip and wind up nearly falling into the bleachers, but managed to keep calling for the ball. I don't think she ever did figure out she was so wide open because she was sitting in the first row. I took this before she tripped, oh well.

After I left, I noticed this majestic building on the way off-campus. I have no earthly clue what it's supposed to be and freely invite any guess. Also, Tandy Corporation appears to have a plant a mile up the road from the school. I had no idea they were still in business, and was kinda glad to see them. (No pictures of my Tandy 1000 EX were available.)

Warren Wilson -- Come for the basketball, stay for the scenery!

All in all, words fail to give the true feeling of this experience. Trust me, this picture speaks for my feelings on this game better than anything I could ever type would:

ASC vs. WWC: Car Wreck From Hades.

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